Saturday, January 10, 2009

ACPL Mock Geisel Results 2009

Over the past year, our Mock Geisel committee enjoyed reading books from a suggested reading list of 43 titles. Today, we gathered for an afternoon of exciting discussion about sentence structure, theme, vocabulary, illustrations, text spacing, plot pacing and more! In the end, we agreed that 2008 was a wonderful year for beginning readers!

We selected one title as our 2009 Mock Geisel Winner and one title as an Honor book.

The 2009 Mock Geisel winner is:

I Love My New Toy! written and illustrated by Mo Willems.

The 2009 Mock Geisel Honor book is:

Hooray for Fly Guy! written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Congratulations to our Mock winners!


Z-Kids said...

woo-hoo! We love "New Toy"!

Kim Wier said...

Both of these books were ones my family really enjoyed. My daughter is an "early reader" so it's been fun exploring the potential winners. We're pulling for Jan Thomas's Birthday for Cow and The Doghouse too. My daughter keeps going back to those.

The biggest eye opener for me has been graphic novels. Over the past few months I've seen how appealing the style is to young readers in my life (my kids and my nephews). My daughter has Otto's Orange Day down as one of her potential Geisel favorites.

Thanks Heather & ACPL we've had a great time following along your mock awards!