Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl by Tedd Arnold

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl by Tedd Arnold

Abstract: When Fly Guy meets Fly Girl, he is amazed and smitten.

Cartwheel Books/Scholastic, 2010.


Heather said...

This is a fun one! Tedd Arnold, sure knows comedy. It is amazing that he can keep this series entertaining with so few words.

My favorite illustration is of Fly Girl eating the dead worm. yum!

Kris said...

Wuzzle, Wuzzie! Which fly-language...I love it!

Great page-turning dynamic and good picture clues, overall. I really like Fly Guy, and I'm glad he's made another friend.

ChicanaMom said...

I really love the fly guy books. I have the collection. Fly guy books are the best books ived ever gotten. O am really happy Tedd Arnold made another one.
Mia haskie, age 7
Los Angeles ca