Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Love My New Toy by Mo Willems

I Love My New Toy! by Mo Willems

Abstract: When Elephant accidentally breaks Piggie's new toy, they both experience intense feelings before coming to realize how important their friendship is.

Hyperion Books for Children, 2008.


Mary said...

Piggie and Elephant books are GREAT! And this one could be the best one yet. I LOVE IT!

Teresa said...

I too thought this book was wonderful. I was expecting Elephant to return some of that guilt trip on Piggie. However, through the illustrations, you could tell that she was feeling it anyway.

Heather said...

I hate to pick a favorite before the last two lists are out. BUT THIS TITLE IS PERFECTION!

The illustrations - Willems is so good at using simple lines to show complex emotions.

The text - FUNNY, engaging, creatively repetitive.


Clare said...

Like always,the expressions on the characters' faces say it all! This might be a favorite for me too.

Anonymous said...

Jamie at TUFW: Mo Willems is a favorite for me. In this book, his characters both exhibit strong emotions over a broken toy. I love how the emotions are shown in such simple drawings; makes it even funnier to read! The text is great too!

Holly B said...

This book is laugh out loud funny! The illustrations are what make it so fun. It does not have much text, but the illustrations as simple as they are make up greatly for lack of text as they convey so much meaning. Anyone can relate to both Piggie and Elephant as we all have been on either side of a similar predicament. Friendship is what this book is all about and the lesson any child can learn from reading this story.