Friday, June 6, 2008

Cinder Rabbit by Lynn E. Hazen

Click here to find this book in the Library Catalog!Cinder Rabbit by Lynn E. Hazen

Illustrated by Elyse Pastel

Abrstract: Zoe is chosen for the role of Cinder Rabbit in her school play and is also supposed to lead the class in the Bunny Hop at the end, but ever since wicked Winifred laughed at her for landing in a mud puddle, Zoe has forgotten how to hop.

Henry Holt, 2008.


Teresa said...

Cute story line. Good use of repetition and illustration. Doesn't make me think award-winner though.

Tangentgirl said...

The fast pace and fresh spin on the class play story will entertain readers start to finish.

Anonymous said...

A fun and clever story with adorable characters that children will recognize themselves in.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the idea of a bunny who couldn't hop. I think the children, boys and girls alike, will really like this story.

Jessica said...

This was a fantastic book. It would be a great piece to speak to nervousness, teasing, and practice. The repetitive pictures in her attempt to learn to hop were great! the really illustrated the story for beginning readers.