Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dog and Bear: Two's Company by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Click here to find this book in the Library Catalog!Dog and Bear: Two's Company by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Abstract: Three more easy-to-read stories reveal the close friendship between a dachshund named Dog and a stuffed bear.

Roaring Book Press, 2008.


Teresa said...

I adore Dog and Bear. This one is a winner whether it is selected or not.

Mandy said...

I'm not sure how I missed Dog and Bear's debut last year, but I'm so glad I picked up this second book of their stories.

The three stories included here are simple and humorous illustrations of friendship. Now that I think about it, these friends and their stories remind me quite a bit of George and Martha (two of my all-time favorite characters).

The illustrations are great too - simple and bold. I'll put this on the list of books to own when I have a beginning reader in the house.

Miss Marra said...

Dog and Bear make me happy. There is something about their dialogue (that funny "Frog and Toad" beginning reader-speak) that is so entertaining to me.

But I like the first one better:) Laura Vaccaro Seeger had a piece in Horn Book decribing these two characters, their genesis and creation, that makes it even better. If you get a chance, check it out.

Jessica said...

I enjoyed this book, but I was not thoroughly impressed.
I really enjoy how the book is divided into three stories. Dog and Bear are a fantastic connection for students and their friends!